Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween is finally over. It was a busy night. And the rain did hold off. We started our evening by having Pops come over to see the kids. They had a good time, but he had to get home to pass out candy to the masses that come by his house. After he left we had Grandmother and Grandpa Odie come over to see the boys. We went out trick-or-treating. We just took Seth and Luke around our block and then came back to pass out candy. I had 300 treat bags of candy to hand out and we passed all of them out by 8:30. Seth was super cute . . . he had to pass out the candy to the kids as they came to the door. I really hope it made all the high school kids feel like big dorks that a three year old was passing out Halloween candy. Seth and Daddy had a little mishap. Eric accidentally caught Seth's lip with his fingernail. It was the end of the world and Seth was crying. Then the doorbell rang. Seth quit crying and answered the door (with Daddy of course) and he told the trick-or-treaters "Dad hurt my lip!" I was feeding Luke a bottle in his room and found it hard to contain myself, but I did not want to wake that precious little boy. All and all it was fun tonight and I think we made some good memories. Now on to Thanksgiving.

Harvest Party

I took the boys to the MOPs harvest party at the church this morning. They had a really good time. Seth did a lot of crafts and Luke got to play with his friend Owen. They are soooo cute together. Luke is 5 days older than Owen so it is great to see them together. I am a big dork though because I forgot to bring my camera. The kids all dress up at the harvest party. Seth and Calvin played together the entire time. They always have a blast together. Calvin was dressed as a speed racer and had a little scooter. Seth loved the scooter and could actually ride it. I think I will have to get him one for Christmas. Now it is on to the craziness of trick-or-treating tonight. I say craziness because we get about 300 children trick-0r-treating in our neighborhood! Yay for us. Eric and I plan on taking the boys out early and then just staying in for the rest of the evening. It is pretty stormy here today, so hopefully the rain holds off long enough for us to take Seth around the block this evening. Some of my friends took pictures at the harvest party and will be sending them to me . . . I will post them later.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

They look alike!

Everyone keeps telling me how much my boys look alike and they look just like their dad. I think that is because of their eye color and skin tones. I, personally, think they look like my mom. Especially Luke. A few people have said this and most recently my mom's cousin, Cindy, and my Great Aunt Helen. I thought I would post a couple of look alike pictures for everyone to see. I am not telling which is Luke and which is Seth though. That will be for you all to decide! :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin carving!

Tonight we carved our pumpkins...well Eric and I carved our pumpkins. Seth was interested, but the guts still grossed him out. I do have to say that he did at least touch them this time. We had Luke in just a diaper and he got into the pumpkin guts just a little bit too. I think he was way too tired to be that interested. Luke did not get a long enough nap this afternoon. The idea that we needed to carve pumpkins was a last minute decision. I realized this evening while I was teaching Caravans at church that Halloween was fast approaching and tonight would be the best night to get it done since we have small group at our house tomorrow night. It definitely was bad planning (or lack of planning) on my part. We did have a good time together as a family. I really enjoy Halloween. It seems as my boys (well, Seth) get older the more fun Halloween becomes. I also think it is near and dear to me because it was my mom's favorite holiday. I only wish she was here to see the boys. I know, that I know, that she is looking down on us from heaven and probably laughing her butt off at me and the craziness of it all. That is comforting. So, back to the pumpkins. I think Eric's pumpkin turned out awesome. . . it is the bat. I didn't do too bad of a job either, but Eric always has to out do me. I love that about him. The little baby pumpkin is Seth's. Seth tried to help, but he still has a hard time with it. Anyway, it was fun.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I need that book, Liam
Pondering life in the Chevy while eating popsicles.
Aren't we the most adorable babies you've ever seen?
Man, Emmit, we're stuck again!
We love each other

In September the boys and I took a trip to stay with Auntie Joy for 10 days in Elk Grove. It was a lot of fun to see the four boys getting to know each other and play. Emmit and Seth act so much like brothers. I wish we all lived closer so they could play more often. Luke and Liam are getting so big and are so stinking cute together. It was very reminiscent of Seth and Emmit's baby days. I really enjoyed my time with Joy as well. She is an amazing sister-in-law and I feel very blessed by her and our relationship. I am glad that she welcomed us into her home.

Luke is climbing!

Can I help?
If I can just get up there.
I think this is going to work.
I think I better get out now!

The other day Luke decided that he wanted to help me do dishes. I told him he was too young for that, but as you can see, he insisted. I cannot believe that he is already standing himself up on things and he isn't even 9 months yet. He started "cruising" this week too. I think the thing that surprised me the most was his ability to climb into the dishwasher.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Blue Lake Pumpkin Patch

Seth in the hay maze
Luke playing in the pumpkins
Like father, like son
He couldn't resist sitting on the pumpkins
On the hay ride
Eric and I took the boys to the pumpkin patch in Blue Lake last Saturday. They had a good time. We got to take a hay ride out to the patch and then Seth got to play in the hay maze. It was Luke's first time visiting the pumpkins and he seemed to enjoy himself. Seth really liked the hay ride and trying to pick out his perfect pumpkin. Next it is on to carving them. We will see if Seth will touch the "guts" this year. He was too freaked out to do it last year. He said it was too gross.