Wednesday, June 16, 2010


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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Adam Michael finally arrives April 5, 2010

April seemed like it would never come. Adam was due on April 16th, but he came early. I had an ultrasound and non-stress test on April 2. They told me I was having contractions every three minutes. I thought they were on crack because I didn't feel them. I saw the doctor and she told me not to wait if they got stronger because third babies come quickly. I had contractions all night. Enough to interrupt my sleep, but not labor. I called the doctor (who was the on call doctor because Dr. Nicely was out of town) and she told me to come back to the hospital and she would meet me there. Dr. Martinez stripped the membranes and still no labor. Sunday was Easter. I was having contractions, but not anything major so we went to church. We had Easter dinner at our house with Eric's parents and then I started having contractions. I called the doctor again and much to my surprise Dr. Nicely was back. He told me to go to the hospital. He wanted to break my water but Adam was still too high. He kept me overnight and induced me on Monday morning. Adam was born at 2:44 pm. He weighed 9 lbs 2 oz and was 21 inches. Now we are a family of 5!

March 8 2010

Just a picture of the belly!

Seth is 5! March 2010

How did my baby Seth get to be 5 already? I am not liking this. I signed him up for kindergarten at Ridgewood. It is sad, but he is looking forward to school. This year Seth wanted to have a Handy Manny birthday party and he wanted it at the pizza parlor. We invited his friends and had the parents leave. It worked out really well and Seth had a great time! I was very tired by the end as I was 8 1/2 mo pregnant. Seth's grandma has some talent for drawing on cakes! Thanks Debbie for all the help!

Family Photos February 2010

We finally got our annual family photos taken. This year we had my friend Anna at Blue Moon Digital Photography take our photos. We were supposed to go to Moonstone Beach, but the photo shoot was the day after the Chilean earthquake: we could not go down to the beach. We went to Trinidad State Beach instead and had photos taken in the picnic area. They turned out beautiful. These were also Luke's 2 year old pictures and Seth's 5 year old pictures! How did I get a 5 year old already! These are a few of my favorites from that day! (I am 8 mo pregnant).

Monday, June 14, 2010

Luke is 2! Feb 2010

My baby turned two in February. I don't know where the time went and how I was 7 mo pregnant! Luke had a fun birthday party at our house. I made him a Sully cake and cupcakes. Luke has a "baby" that he sleeps with every night and he is Sully from Monster's Inc. He loved his cake. We also made a trip to Elk Grove to visit the cousins. We were supposed to go in January, but since we were all sick that trip didn't happen. Oh, I forgot to mention that Eric and I took a trip to L.A. in December by ourselves. We flew down and stayed with Uncle Randy. The purpose of the trip was to purchase a new vehicle that would hold all of us. We bought a 2008 Tahoe and drove it home. The point of that tangent was that we took our first family trip in the Tahoe in February. The boys loved it: it has a dvd player!

January 2010 A New Year

So January came and the family was sick. It did get me out of having a birthday party. Cara was sick also so the usual joint birthday party was canceled. It was not a very exciting month as I remember it; here are a few pictures. Ok, so after looking at the pictures from January I remembered that my mother-in-law painted my bathroom for me as a gift for my birthday. Not only did she paint she removed the ugly wall paper too! Thanks Debbie!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

December 2009

Christmas time is my favorite. I love decorating the house and the tree. Seth was a huge help this year. I did not put out all of my decorations because Luke was just too curious this year. It was still fun. Pops' birthday is also in December and the boys enjoyed going to his house to celebrate. Christmas morning Pops came over with donuts--our new tradition. We opened presents at home and then later in the morning headed over to Eric's grandparent's house to visit the fam over there. By Christmas I was 5 months pregnant and starting to feel like it!

November 2009

November is a time for giving thanks. We were thankful for our new little addition. I was four months pregnant and feeling good for the first time in awhile. November is also Grandma's birthday. We celebrated by taking her out to dinner at the Sea Grill and then we came back to our house for cake. The cake we made was only half of a cake because my sweet little Luke decided to put his hands into the cake and eat some while I was in the bathroom. It was funny and a good memory. We also got our new couch for the family room in November. It was about time we got rid of the old green couches we had.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

October 2009

Halloween is always a favorite time around here. It was my mom's favorite holiday and I am trying to keep up her enthusiasm for Halloween for my boys. I do this by decorating the house and outside. The boys get a kick out of decorating for the holidays and that makes me happy. This year Seth was Obi Won and Luke was Yoda. I tried to convince Eric to dress up as Darth Vader, but he wouldn't do it. I thought it would have been funny, but he didn't find humor in it. By October I was starting to feel less tired since I was three months pregnant! We also celebrated Grammie's 80th birthday. We had a party at our house and everyone came. It was fun. Seth got Great Grammie her very own match box car. He is so funny!

September 2009

September began the soccer season. This was Seth's first year playing soccer. He did really well playing considering I know nothing about soccer. He had wonderful coaches and great teammates. The kids all had such a great time. My favorite soccer season moment was when the crowd looked up at one of the games and we all saw four naked butts lined up at the fence because they had to pee. And yes, my child was one of them. Do you think any of the parents had a camera? No. How terrible is that.

August 2009

August was a fun month for us. Cara and I went on our first annual girls trip to L.A. to visit our family there. We stayed with Chrys. We went shopping and ate good food. We had a blast. We got home from our girls trip on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning I took Seth and Luke on our second annual one week trip to Auntie Joy's in Elk Grove. It was a little bit stupid and a little bit brave. I took two small children on a six hour road trip by myself. It went really well. We only had one incident on the way down: Luke threw up on the 20 (which is a highway for those of you who do not know). While on this trip I found out I was four weeks pregnant! Joy and I were suspicious of the pregnancy so we left all the boys with Aaron (they were all sleeping) and went to the store for a pregnancy test. It was very exciting to see the digital read out say PREGNANT! Seth, Emmit, Liam and Luke had so much fun together. We can't wait for our next visit! Luke did not like the pool even tho it was 1,000 degrees outside! Silly boy. Some highlights from our trip: swimming, the bounce house and the train museum!