Sunday, May 17, 2009

Seth's Conversation with Daddy!

Tonight Seth was watching Bizarre Foods with Daddy. The host of the show is bald and Seth asked why he had no hair. Daddy told him that sometimes when people get older they lose their hair. Then Seth said "So Dad, when you're 40 you're gonna lose your hair!" I was giving Luke a bath and I heard Eric laughing really hard. So of course I had to ask what happened. Living with children is awesome!

Emmit and the dressing room!

Last week Eric and I went to Elk Grove without our boys. Seth and Luke stayed with Grandmother and Grandpa Odie (as Seth calls them) for two nights. It was our first trip away from Luke. Eric had a work training to go to in Sacramento so off we went. While Eric was at his training I hung out with Joy and my adorable nephews. Liam was napping and Emmit and I went to Kohl's. There was a skirt I wanted and he was the best shopping partner. Emmit and I went into the dressing room so I could try on the skirt. Mind you the dressing room was full and we had a grand conversation. I took off my pants in order to try on the skirt and Emmit announces to everyone "Auntie those are really cool undies!!!" I have to tell you all they were not that cool . . . blue, pink and green geometric shapes on hipster underwear. It was very amusing. I love that kid!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dancing fools. Oops I mean dancing boys!

Here are a couple video clips of the boys dancing. We listen to music a lot and the boys like to dance. I love watching them. Especially the "cool moves" Seth makes up. That's what he calls them. He usually asks me "Did you see that cool move Mom?"

Four year olds

So I am wondering how a four year old can be so stinking smart. My child can present a valid argument and unfortunately--for me--be correct. It is quite a scary thing when one realizes the child is witty and a lot smarter than even his mother gives him credit for. Here's the story: Today we went out grocery shopping as a family. This is something we usually do not do as the kids don't really enjoy it and would rather go to Grandmother's house. Nevertheless, we all went today. We were on our way to the rainbow store (Seth's name for the Grocery Outlet) when Seth became very whiny about his bible songs. He told me he did not want to listen to them any more. We had a few words about it and I got frustrated and turned the radio off completely. This annoyed Seth and he started whining to Daddy. I proceeded to tell Seth that Daddy and I are a team--the parents team--and whatever I said was what Daddy was going to say. We back each other up. He thinks for a minute and then says: "Well, nuh-huh mom, cuz the other weekend you said it was a no tv day and then you were sleeping the next morning I asked Dad to watch tv and he let me. So you aren't a team. He's on my team against you." I told him that maybe Daddy hadn't heard me and Seth said "He was sitting right next to you, so you are wrong and I am right." It was all I could do not to bust out laughing. I was breathing like I was in labor because that was the only way to control the laughter dying to burst out of me and all the while Eric is poking me. Not helping dude! Once my composure was gained I informed Seth that he indeed was right about that incident (which was last weekend by the way) but it would not happen like that again. I also asked him why he was watching tv when he knew what I had said and he said that was the other weekend let's talk about something else. Such a character!

Look at those beautiful eyes!

Seth and his new friend SS

Here are some pics of the kiddos playing. We really had a good visit with K and P. (and to K, it was about darn time lady) Anyway, I am glad the kids hit it off so well. K is totally against getting SS a kitchen and I have to tell you all that SS loved Seth's kitchen. So it looks like K and P are "screwed' as she said.

Plotting world domination

Guys, I am telling you we can do this thing. The parents are clueless.

We can take over the world . . . maybe we should converse with Seth.

Playing tag!

I got you now!


I am going to get you SS

You can't catch me!

I am coming to get you Seth

Over Easter weekend my friends K and P came to town. We haven't seen them in awhile and had since adopted a beautiful little lady from China. Seth and SS instantly were friends and engaged in a game of tag . . . well more like chase! They had so much fun and the noise level was a bit intense. It is so amazing to watch your child play and have fun. The excitement I saw in his face was awesome. Those are the moments that make motherhood so wonderful. I love my boys so much! SS is a riot too. K and I knew that they would be best buds from the moment they met and I am so glad they were. We can't wait to visit with them again.

My little climber

Daddy and Luke were hanging out together and Luke decided to climb on the paper towels.
Daddy thought it was cute and took some pictures.

My big climber

One morning Seth decided he wanted a vitamin. I told him I would get him one in a minute. Well, I was much too slow as usual and he took it upon himself to get to the cupboard before me. I saw what was happening and grabbed the camera to document his climbing adventure. He took his chair over to the counter an proceeded to climb up on the counter and retrieve the vitamins out of the cupboard. I must admit, he has seen mom climb on the counter numerous times to find or get things as I am only 5'2". I did do the mom thing and tell him not to do that again after I documented his feat.

Pictures I like of my sweet boy Seth

just some pictures I like of my sweet baby Luke!

The littlest thief!

It wasn't me! I was framed.

Caught in the act!

Luke loves to get into my purse. Naturally he thinks everything should belong to him.

Luke's version of baby hulk!

Luke does this all the time when he is being cute. It is hard to capture on camera, but here are a few times we did.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Light Saber Wars

Seth got two light sabers for his birthday. He and Daddy like to play with them. It is fun to watch them interact together. I love to watch Eric with the boys. He is such an amazing daddy and you can see how much he loves each of them. I don't play light sabers with Seth anymore because I have been whacked one too many times and those darn things hurt. Anne tried to warn me of this, but I had to try it out anyway. I think it should be a father/son thing anyway . . . a jedi master (Eric) teaching his jedi son (Seth)!!!

Playing with Daddy