Sunday, May 17, 2009

Seth's Conversation with Daddy!

Tonight Seth was watching Bizarre Foods with Daddy. The host of the show is bald and Seth asked why he had no hair. Daddy told him that sometimes when people get older they lose their hair. Then Seth said "So Dad, when you're 40 you're gonna lose your hair!" I was giving Luke a bath and I heard Eric laughing really hard. So of course I had to ask what happened. Living with children is awesome!

Emmit and the dressing room!

Last week Eric and I went to Elk Grove without our boys. Seth and Luke stayed with Grandmother and Grandpa Odie (as Seth calls them) for two nights. It was our first trip away from Luke. Eric had a work training to go to in Sacramento so off we went. While Eric was at his training I hung out with Joy and my adorable nephews. Liam was napping and Emmit and I went to Kohl's. There was a skirt I wanted and he was the best shopping partner. Emmit and I went into the dressing room so I could try on the skirt. Mind you the dressing room was full and we had a grand conversation. I took off my pants in order to try on the skirt and Emmit announces to everyone "Auntie those are really cool undies!!!" I have to tell you all they were not that cool . . . blue, pink and green geometric shapes on hipster underwear. It was very amusing. I love that kid!