Sunday, March 15, 2009

The dog pile

The take down

The beginning of the dog pile

More kids joining in

Success, they got us

Taunya and Lewis recovering

Yesterday we celebrated Seth's fourth birthday. He wanted to have his party at our house and of course we accommodated his request. There were 18 children at his party and all the family too! We had a bounce house and all the kids had a blast. My cousin Lewis got in the bounce house with the kids. He was having so much fun I decided to join him. Well, the first thing he did was take me out. How rude, but fun. Everyone was trying to knock him down unsuccessfully. So, I, of course, take it upon myself to take him out. I tried, but he is bigger than me and I, too, was unsuccessful. I decided to get Emma (Lewis's daughter) to help me. He started to throw both of us down, but I managed to somehow take him down with us. Well, that did not turn out to be the best plan. While we were on the floor of the bounce house all the children thought it would be a great idea to dog pile us. It was very funny. Lewis and I totally felt like kids again. Here are the pictures of the kiddos getting us!