Friday, January 23, 2009

A post from Aunt!

I had the pleasure of watching Seth a few days before Christmas and we decided to write a letter to Santa. I ended up getting the flu and never got around to posting his letter on the blog. I came across it yesterday and thought I would post it now.

Dear Santa,

I want a car. I really want it and I want to play cars tomorrow and I'm having a fun time over at Aunt's. And I would like a truck, monster truck and a pick up and that's all. Santa then I want a CD player for my tractor cause I would like to play music in my tractor and have fun with it. And that's all. The End.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Seth loves his bike!

Seth has been riding his bike every day this week. He is getting really good at maneuvering it and turning. We have had beautiful weather for a Eureka summer in the middle of January. Seth, Luke and I have been taking advantage of the sun and have been outside as much as possible. Anyway, we have only had two crashes and much to my surprise Seth got right back on the bike and started riding again both times. The first crash was right around the corner from our house. He scraped his knee a little. It was dramatic and he cried loud enough for CeCe, our neighbor, to come out of her house to check on us. It must have been a sight to see because I was packing Luke in the ergo and was holding Seth trying to console him. Finally, I convinced him he was ok and we were off. We went up to the next street, turned and he crashed again. Again, he cried, but got right back on the bike this time and we were off through the neighborhood. I was so proud of him for getting back on the bike. This is somewhat uncharacteristic for Seth. Now he loves to just get on the bike and go. We are usually out on our walk/ride for about an hour. It is so cute to see him ride his bike and for the first time I felt like I had to give up the control and let him be a little more independent. Not easy for a mommy! The new thing is when Luke is napping Seth rides on our street between "daddy's buggy" and Ed's (our neighbor) mailbox. I sit outside with the monitor so I can hear Luke. He knows his limit and is enjoying having a little independence. I have been trying to teach him about bike safety and he is very conscious about cars and getting out of the way when they are coming. I am fortunate that we live in an area that is relatively safe for bike riding and the residents here really look out for the kids. We have gotten a lot of comments about how cute he is and how he is doing so well on his bike. Yesterday afternoon another of our neighbor's, Tim, stopped by our house to give Seth a little carton of chocolate milk as a treat for riding so well. Tim works for Humboldt Creamery. It was so nice. He said he loves watching him ride his bike. I love our neighborhood. Today I took Seth out just the two of us. Luke was napping and Eric was home. I decided it was time to try a hill. I have avoided hills until now because it is too hard when I have Luke to try and teach Seth how to negotiate a hill. He did really well going down. I was trying to teach him how to use his brakes to slow down, but as most kids do...he used his feet. Then I told him he had to pedal, pedal, pedal to get up the hill on the other side. He did so good. After we got to the top of the hill he said "mom, my legs are thirsty." It was so cute and funny. He had to stop and take a break and then we went home. I will post a video tomorrow of his bike riding, but for now here is a picture of him out on one of our rides.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A First Christmas Comparison

Luke in all the presents at Pops' (2008)

Seth in all the presents at Pops' (2005)

Luke crawling on the packages (2008)

Seth crawling on the packages (2005)

Daddy and Luke (2008)

Daddy and Seth (2005)

Me and Seth with his first Christmas tree (2005)

Me and Luke with his first Christmas Tree (2008)

I thought it was interesting that we took a lot of similar photos of the boys on their first Christmas. I thought I would compare them just to see for myself.